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Cars You Don't Expect To See At SEMA: '66 OldsVista Cruiser

 Big wagons are hot, but builders usually stay away from oddballs like this Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser. I've always loved these cars,
with their long skylight strips that run the length of the rear cargo area. Why'd the guys at Custom Autosound choose a Vista for their booth vehicle? "Because we had one."
Works for me! The Olds is more or less stock through the drivetrain, but the paint and dressup they've done looks incredible. Nice set of drilled/slotteds up front,
and the American Racing wheels look just right on the big wagon. The best part is that the Vista Cruiser defiantly overlooks the Chevy booth, like a silent
witness to the brands the General has killed off.




Nitrous Bike


Custom Autosound's 55 Chevy
Custom Autosounds '55 
1935 Chevy Streetrod
The Custom Autosound's Orange Crush '35 Chevy
Greg_Ames CarSST Underdash
Greg Ames from Custom Autosound's built this beautiful 32 Ford
Equipped with a Secretaudio SST of course!

Dale Keesee / Danchuck Mfg. Jet Car

Charles Carpenters Legendary 55 Shoebox

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